Christmas is not about teaching surveillance.

The Gummy Bear on the Chair is about making and learning.

Illustration of an elf on shelf dressed as an NSA spy, complete with dark sunglasses, and laptop and many video monitors in a Christmas setting.

The Elf on a Shelf is Spy.

In a world increasingly accustomed to ubiquitous surveillance, epitomized by the watchful Elf on the Shelf, the Gummy Bear on the Chair emerges as a refreshing and inspiring alternative. Rather than emphasizing monitoring behavior, this delightful tradition fosters a creative maker culture, encouraging families to bond through activities like cooking, making and learning about the world.

Meet the Gummy Bear on a Chair

The Gummy Bear on the Chair brings a message of learning, making, and family togetherness. These friendly delicious gummy bears are not magical creatures; they are inspiration guides, that you can make yourself. They inspire creativity and science education. They inspire children and parents alike to engage in cooking, experiments, exploring the fun side of science.

A homemade giant gummy bear on a chair with a santa hat at Christmas.

Gummy Bear Holiday Traditions

Here’s some fun family activities in the tradition of the Gummy Bear on the Chair philosophy.

Make your own giant gummy bear.

Need a Gummy Bear on a Chair? We don’t sell them, but you can make your own! There are only 3 ingredients and it’s perfect to do with kids.

Learn about Osmosis with Gummy Bears

This is a simple classic kids’ science experiment that requires only a few minutes to set up and nothing more than gummy bears and normal kitchen supplies.

Explore numbers with Gummy Bears

Coming Soon!

“Life is like a bag of gummy bears… sweet, colorful, and full of surprises!”

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